Repro-light Consortium Concludes


Date: 15-01-2021

This modular ‘Luminaire of the Future’ provides the right light for our working activities, at the right place and at the right time of the day, adopted to our individual needs (personalised). It improves mood and productivity, and can positively influence our body’s circadian rhythm, which has a big impact on our health. 

The research demonstrated a demand for improved and personalised lighting in society, and detailed scientific studies with a test population to confirm the positive impacts of such lighting on humans. The life cycle studies showed that there is a big potential to decrease the environmental burden of lighting by a smart and sustainable development and production process, and by careful material management (reusing of components, recycling, waste).

Led by representatives and driving forces from the European lighting industry, as well as manufacturers, experts on lighting sustainability and the social sciences, the Repro-light consortium executed this project successfully, to invoke a sustainable change in the European lighting industry well beyond the lifetime of the project.