Flexible OLEDs for wearable light therap

Fuente: http://www.eenewsled.com/news/flexible-oleds-wearable-light-therapy

Fecha: 25-04-2018

Research centre Fraunhofer FEP has announced it will demo a wearable OLED bracelet at Wearables Europe 2018, taking place April 11th-12th in Berlin, Germany.

OLEDs are already on the daily agenda of light- and product designers in the automotive industry, but the wide range of possible design shapes, colours and sizes also makes them an interesting fit for medical applications including light therapy. The OLED light sources can be designed to emit at specific wavelengths for wound healing or to help cure depression.

At Wearables Europe 2018 the Holst Centre from the Netherlands, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Fraunhofer FEP will introduce a novel OLED wristband, one of the first wearable products with flexible organic electronics produced on the pilot line from European joint project PI-SCALE.

Fraunhofer FEP was responsible for the anode deposition on barrier web, which has been produced by the project partner Holst Centre as well as for the OLED-deposition by using evaporation processes. The OLED-deposition at Fraunhofer FEP can be done in Roll-to-Roll (R2R) and Sheet-to-Sheet (S2S) processes.

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