Structure and Microwave Absorption Properties of Polyaniline/Zn Ferrite Composites


Date: 21-11-2018

Polyaniline (PANI)/Zn ferrite composites were fabricated by simple two-step method. The crystal phase, particle size, morphology, thermal stability and conductivity were characterized. Electromagnetic parameters of PANI/Zn ferrite composites were measured at room temperature in the frequency of 2–18GHz. The prepared composite had an amorphous fluffy structure, Zn ferrite nanoparticles with diameters ranging from 20nm to 30nm are encapsulated in PANI or on PANI surface, and the thermal stability of the composite is poor. But Zn ferrite content plays a key role in influencing this structure and regulating microwave attenuation capability. The PANI/Zn ferrite composites showed an enhanced microwave absorption performance in Ku band at thin coating thickness which corresponds to RL value below -10dB and the minimum reflection loss (RL) is -54.45dB at 17.6GHz with the coating thickness of 1.4mm.


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