Illuminating a Brighter, Healthier and More Sustainable Future for the Lighting Solutions Industry


Date: 19-05-2022

Lighting is critical to our modern society, enabling safe, comfortable access to indoor and outdoor spaces any time of day or night. A society that has long valued light for the safety and convenience it provides is now awakening to the role of lighting in comfort, health and sustainability.

As the complexity of lighting solutions increases and its strategic value is recognized, providers of lighting products are expected to deliver greater value than ever. Buyers select lighting not only based on its ability to illuminate spaces but also on its ability to support a variety of sustainability objectives, achieve interoperability with other systems, as well as support human health. Growing complexity has also ushered in a host of regulatory requirements related to the safety, interoperability, energy efficiency and labelling of lighting products.

The strategic role of lighting amidst growing compliance demands deserves careful consideration as manufacturers design and produce new solutions to achieve a growing list of performance criteria.