Evaluating Performance of LED-Based Luminaires

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Date: 18-12-2018

Today, the preparation of lighting projects or tender specifications is more difficult than ever. Manufacturers of LED based luminaires provide different performance data for their products, often not based on standardized metrics, making it impossible to allow for an “apple-to-apple” comparison.

The intention of this article is therefore to give users, like specifiers, lighting designers, technical engineers and policy makers a guideline on how to define performance requirements, in particular related to the term “useful life or lifetime”. This article recommends a fixed set of performance data for LED based luminaires. This data set is focused on the information which is necessary for lighting application design.

Evaluating Performance of LED Based Luminaires

While the quality of LED technology has rapidly improved and the application considerations have not changed, the product data have remained unnecessarily complex. The main challenge for the professional market is to improve the way users of LED based luminaires evaluate the performance data of different manufacturers when preparing lighting projects or tender specifications.

Both “initial” and “useful lifetime” performance data should be evaluated to have confidence in how LED based luminaires will perform and how long they will sustain their rated characteristics over their years of operation.

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