Spray Coating to Shield Electromagnetic Interference

Source: http://incompliancemag.com/spray-coating-to-shield-electromagnetic-interference/#ixzz4KnL1Rxfl

Date: 02-01-2017

The connected home, the connected car, the connected person – all this connection has electromagnetic compatibility at the forefront of electronics design. One issue stands: the higher the demand for smaller more integrated devices, the greater the design challenge. However, this issue may have a new solution.


Researchers from Drexel University and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have developed a thin nanomaterial film using MXene to effectively block and shield from electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Their study, funded by the National Institute of Science, detailed in the paper, ‘Electromagnetic Interference Shielding with 2D Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes)’, and recently published in the journal Science, indicates:


“A 45-micrometer-thick Ti3C2Tx film exhibited EMI shielding effectiveness of 92 decibels (>50 decibels for a 2.5-micrometer film), which is the highest among synthetic materials of comparable thickness produced to date.”