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Fecha: 26-06-2019

Walking down a city street, pedestrians have recently been confronted by a new phenomenon. Sailing by on sidewalks or bike lanes, commuters have adopted electric scooters as a popular mode of transportation. Offering a convenient means to travel distances considered too far to walk, they eliminate the need to rely on public transportation or a private vehicle. And given that 46% of car traffic consists of distances of less than 5 kilometres, e-scooters could serve as a solution to the increased traffic congestion in many cities.

In the past year, cities have been inundated with electric scooters provided by a vast number of e-scooter sharing services. Offering a convenient and inexpensive access to electric scooters, they have proven popular with city commuters and tourists. And these services have proven so successful that one e-scooter sharing service claims to have reached 26 million riders within the first year. Another was valued at over USD 1 billion within 15 months.